Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Alpharetta, Georgia

Deep tissue is an extremely effective and beneficial type of massage therapy that focuses entirely on the deeper layers of muscle tissues and the inner sections of thick muscles. Its aim is to release the chronic forms of tension in the body. This is done through deep pressure and slow strokes on the targeted are. For this reason, this style of massage is recommended to people who are experiencing frequent pains originating from the area. Another factor that sets this form of massage apart from the others is that unlike other massages, a deep tissue massage is performed only on the affected areas and aim to release toxins in your body, making the massage therapeutic. Hence, a deep tissue massage not only relaxes your body, it also begins a healing process that’s beneficial to you.


 Release Muscle Tension
For those of you who suffer from strained muscle tension, muscle cramps and other chronic muscle pain, you can find lasting relief with deep tissue massage techniques. This is especially beneficial to athletes who often suffer from muscle injuries.

 Increased Blood Circulation
The  intensive application of pressure on your body (the therapist often uses her elbows, knuckles, forearms and hands to apply the right amount of pressure to touch the deeper muscle tissues) triggers circulation of blood and oxygen in your body, thereby, releasing toxins trapped underneath. Increased blood and oxygen circulation in the body promotes healing.

 Improved Body Posture
Deep tissue massaging techniques help in unseating the deeply held patterns of the muscles in your body.

 Increased Body Motion
If you are suffering from muscle stiffness or arthritis, deep tissue massage techniques can be beneficial in unlocking the strained muscles

 Improve Emotional Health
Massages are well known to be relaxing and a trip to a spa always gives you a high. Deep tissue massage techniques go a step higher by reaching a layer deeper during the massage process



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