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medical massage therapy alpharetta georgiaThe most effective help you can find after being injured will be with medical massage. This form of treatment combines many elements of massage therapy and focusses on the area of pain.

Medical Massage Therapists are especially trained in the treatment of back pains, muscular/skeletal injuries and rehabilitation from sports injuries or car accidents, to highlight just a few. Furthermore, Medical Massage Therapists can act quickly and effectively to reduce the debilitating effects of a sports injury or car accident for example.

The treatment will generally be a series of short medical massage therapy interventions that will be supported by a program of exercise routines to be continued between visits. The main objective is to reduce the immediate pain and discomfort. It is also a primary aim to strengthen the injured or affected area so that posture and mobility is restored quickly.

Other key benefits of medical massage therapy can include:
• Stimulates blood flow to the injured tissue to speed up repair;
• Minimizes Pain and Inflammation;
• Restores normal muscle and joint flexibility;
• Improves body Posture and Coordination;
• Reduces mental stress and fatigue;
• Prevents the development of chronic pain.

Massage is one of the oldest remedies known to man and dates back many thousands of years. There is little surprise therefore that it remains a highly effective treatment plan if administered by a trained Medical Massage Therapist. Of course, you should never just commit to medical massage without professional consultation. This is usually through your physician or healthcare provider. But don’t delay that consultation. The faster you can start a program of treatment, the quicker you will be fully mobile again and pain-free.



Medical Massage therapy Alpharetta

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